About us

When you think Private Investigator do you automatically picture a male with a long trench coat and enormous magnifying glass, or maybe you envisage someone like Magnum PI or Sherlock Holmes? 

Perhaps you think more along the lines of the hugely addictive detective TV shows such as NCIS, Bones or even Police 10/7.

The fact is most of us have a preconceived idea of what a PI looks like (ex-police) and what they do.  If you have ever thought about hiring a PI chances are you have also quickly dismissed the idea solely based on the possible thousands of dollars it would cost.

A Private Investigator is a skilled information gatherer. They could be hired for any number of reasons but essentially to provide you with the proof you need to ease your mind or clear your name.

Whatever your reason for hiring a PI, we can all agree if you’ve got to that point, you have a huge invested interest in getting an outcome, whether it’s personal, financial or emotional.  

Private Investigation involves a high level of discretion, confidentiality and caution. Each case should be assessed thoroughly and take into account individual circumstances and potential risks.

Our personal vision means that we have a slightly different view on the role of a Private Investigator as far as the service we should provide. We believe that not only should we provide the outcome or proof our clients need and pay for, but also advice and guidance on what to do with the information, or what approach to take if there are other people involved.

One of our differences is that we are not ex-police and whilst we have respect and adhere to the law, it means that we have the freedom to think outside the box. It's the same ball, we just kick it differently.

We understand that for most of our clients the events that lead them to hire a PI in the first place is likely to be impacting their daily life. We make it our philosophy to keep this in the front of our minds and ensure that if you hire us we will also be here to listen when things get tough.





    Need to know for sure?

  • Does someone owe you money and you can’t find them?

  • Do you suspect your partner is having an affair?

  • Not sure who is putting their hand in the cash register?

  • Want to find a missing or hiding relative?

  • Your kids are up to something and you need to know what?

  • Fuel bill for the company car gone through the roof?

  • Feel like you're being followed?

  • Think valuable information is being leaked?

  • Productivity isn’t matching with cash in your pocket?

  • Is someone entering your premises but you can’t prove it?

  • Do you want to know exactly what someone is looking at online or on their phone?

  • Are you being framed, blackmailed or someone out to get you?

  • Think the person you're dating might have questionable motives or background?

  • Feel you or someone close to you is being harassed and want it to stop?

  • Have a feeling your children are being cyber bullied and want to know for sure so you can act on it?

Intelligence is a lot less valuable if the person you're looking into knows you have it.

Now get the proof you need... let us know how we can help.