Overview of services

The following is a list of services we provide. If what you specifically require is not listed here, please email us and tell us what you need. If WIL do not offer what you are looking for, we also contract ex-military and law enforcement specialists and most needs can be met.


We have a number of dedicated Private Investigators who have extensive experience in surveillance and who are exclusively involved in all areas of covert and overt surveillance work and stings on a daily basis.

Partner Investigation

Our Private Investigators offer a large variety of investigation services into your partner or spouse. These include surveillance, tracking, general investigations and intelligence work.

Vehicle Tracking

Track the historical or live location of a vehicle. This requires a specialist service and custom covert installation is paramount. A specialty for our lead investigator.

Fraud Investigation

There is an ever-increasing risk of being caught by a fraudulent deal or fake investment in today's society. There are literally thousands of 'confidence' people set up worldwide offering realistic but fake opportunities to invest, make money or relieve you of purchases. 

People Tracing

Our extended tracing facilities combined with our long term and valued connections enable us to complete successful confirmed traces. This includes finding people, either due to lack of information, or because the person is trying to avoid being found.

Document Service

Professional document service - WIL is Wellington's most preferred serving team offering efficient delivery of documents according to your requirements. Fast, efficient 24 hour service. Door knocking is a specialty. Give us a serve that a past agent/process server hasn't been able to resolve and if we can't deliver, we won't charge. We have licensed Private Investigators and document servers covering the Greater Wellington, Manawatu and Wairarapa regions.

Computer Forensics

An in-depth forensic examination of a computer can reveal truths about the usage of the computer. Forensics can show websites visited, deleted files, hidden files, deleted emails, hidden or deleted images and also give times and dates of past usage and connections.

Illegal rubbish dumping

We can investigate rubbish being illegally dumped. Offenders usually carry this out late at night to avoid the cost and inconvenience of proper waste disposal.

Background Investigation

Our Private Investigators can complete an in-depth investigation into a person’s history and background. This can include criminal history, marriage or partner history, court history, financial and career.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (‘TSCM’) or Debugging

Our Private Investigators are armed with some of the most up to date and effective bug sweeping equipment. Specializing in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) / bug / GSM and VOR sweeping, They are available to call on your home office and vehicles and carry out in-depth sweeps for static/passive and remote activated bugs and listening devices. We can detect and remove transmitting, GSM, RF, video, microwave, and laser bugs. Our contractor is highly respected with 16 year's experience in counterintelligence.

Asset Tracing

Have a debtor that's playing hard ball? Think they may have assets hidden away? Our Investigators can trace hidden assets within New Zealand and in most countries worldwide.

Court Evidence and Experience Network

The extensive experience within our network connections include senior Police/Corrections/Customs/DOC/Trademark specialists/medical professionals/welfare specialists and a wide variety of law professionals. These available connections have assisted in resulting in many successful investigations. We will review the entire case and provide the best possible solution should you need to present any evidence in court proceedings.

Criminal Investigation

Our Private Investigators can complete a full criminal investigation. Working independently or with a solicitor, we can greatly enhance the strength of the defence by obtaining evidence that may otherwise be unavailable.

Human Forensics - Partner

Semen, polygraph (lie detector), and body fluid testing.

Human Forensics - General

Fingerprint matching, DNA matching and examination, polygraph examination, body fluid analysis, drug testing and alcohol abuse.